Northern New Mexican and Southern Coloradan Spanish is a language of contact and colonization. It’s the dialect of settler colonization and its associated violence spanning Popé’s 1680 revolt and full-scale reversal of Spanish colonization in New Mexico to the 1967 raid of the Rio Arriba County Courthouse by Chicano activists. It is the language of Los Penitentes, the lay Catholic order renowned for their haunting alabados and denounced by Anglos for their “strange” and “unnatural” rituals. It is the language of a Spain now gone, as the Spanish-born priest at El Santuario de Chimayo claimed, “Here they speak the language of Cervantes!”

It is the language of my grandparents. It is a dialect I cannot grasp, not matter how hard I try. Nonetheless, I deeply appreciate the words, phrases, and wealth of stories they continue to pass on to each and every generation of our family.


Rubén Cobos. A Dictionary of New Mexico & Southern Colorado Spanish. Santa Fe: Museum of New Mexico Press, 1983.

Robert Laxalt. “New Mexico’s Mountains of Mystery,” in National Geographic. Volume 154, No. 3. (September 1978): 416.


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He was drumming on an instrument in his car when I asked if I could talk with him. “Sure. Do you mind if I finish working out this beat first?” He tapped rhythmically with concentration. Then he looked up and smiled. “I just got this. I ordered it from Brazil. It’s called a Pandeiro.” 
"How is it different than a tambourine?" 
"The way you play it. Samba." He played for me again, then let me try it. 
"Is this what you do? Are you a drummer?" 
"Yeah. I play in a band called Pink Martini."


I just learned of the death of Derek Rieth, percussionist for the Portland band, Pink Martini. 

I met Derek through Humans of Portland back in February. (
The news of his tragic passing reminded me that I had unpublished photos from when we met. In memory of Derek, I wanted to publish them today.

Derek Rieth 
1971 - 2014


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The chorale prelude is deeply connected to humanity. The voices lie within the ranges of a choir, the natural tempo of 72 quavers per minute refers to the human heart, and at the flow of nine bars per minute, each bar coincides with the full breath in and out at deep rest; both these values were codified as the Integer Valor of the Middle Ages.
On J.S. Bach’s last composition, which was famously dictated from the composer’s deathbed. (via liyon)
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Musical Mpls

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rabbit musician

Le livre de Lancelot du Lac and other Arthurian Romances, Northern France 13th century.

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, MS 229, fol. 1r

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Beautiful view of a streaking meteor and the Orion constellation above Lake Bumbunga, Australia
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